Day-Trips from the Forum-Mountmellick

The Forum-Mountmellick, nestled in County Laois, beckons travellers with its immediate access to the midlands and what is now part of the Ancient East of Ireland.
The Forum-Mountmellick is conveniently located just a 50-minute train journey from either Portarlington and Portlaoise to Dublin's Euston Station and serves as a gateway to both the region and Dublin’s plethora of tourist sites.
Explore the rich tapestry of Ireland's heritage with day trips to nearby attractions, each easily accessible on your journey to or from the Forum-Mountmellick.
Whether it is tracing the footsteps of ancient ancestors at historic sites or immersing yourself in the natural splendour of verdant landscapes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are starting your journey from near or far, the Forum-Mountmellick offers the perfect launchpad and landing site for personalised day trips.
For those craving autonomy and flexibility, seize the opportunity to plan your own day trips, each tailored to your unique passions and preferences.
Alternatively, for those seeking seamless travel experiences, our pre-planned itineraries offer a stress-free way to immerse yourself in the best that the region has to offer. Indulge in a carefully curated two-day adventure, brimming with excursions and insider insights.
From guided tours of historic landmarks to leisurely strolls through local villages, every moment is thoughtfully orchestrated to ensure an stress free  experience.
Whether you choose to chart your own course or embrace the convenience of pre-planned adventures, the Forum-Mountmellick invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and delight. With endless possibilities awaiting just beyond our doorstep, your next unforgettable adventure begins here.
Mountmellick Historic Tour
Embark on a journey through time with a guided tour of Mountmellick's historic sites. Explore the town's rich heritage, from its Quaker roots to its industrial past. Visit landmarks such as the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, built origionally in 1709, extended in 1805 and now one of the oldest of its kind in Ireland.
Learn about the town's role in the development of the Mountmellick Embrodery industry and its contributions to the social and cultural fabric of County Laois. Follow the local historic tour map provided.
Distance:       Front door
By Car:          Not required
Walking:       2-Hour circular tour
Mountmellick Embroidery Museum
Visit the Mountmellick Development Association (MDA) Centre and discover the intricate beauty of Mountmellick Lace at the Mountmellick Lace Museum. Learn about the history and craftsmanship of this unique form of Irish embroidery, which originated in Mountmellick in the 19th century. Admire exquisite lace displays and perhaps even try your hand at creating your own lace masterpiece. The Centre also houses the Hares Corner restaurant. 
Distance:    0.5km
By Car:       Not required but free parking if using vehicle 
Walking:    2-Hours (excluding lunch/coffee  
Emo Court and Gardens
Located just a short drive from Mountmellick, Emo Court is a magnificent neo-classical mansion surrounded by stunning gardens and parkland. Explore the elegant interiors of the house, stroll through the landscaped gardens, and enjoy a picnic on the picturesque grounds. Don't miss the peaceful woodland walks and the beautiful lake.
Distance: 12km
By Car: 15-Minutes (Free Parking)
Walking: 2-Hour circular tour
Slieve Bloom Mountains
Nestled between the counties of Laois and Offaly, the Slieve Bloom Mountains offer a sanctuary for those seeking solace amidst the chaos of modern life. Here, time slows to a gentle rhythm, and the cares of the world are swept away by the whispering winds that dance through the emerald valleys.
As you traverse the winding trails that crisscross the mountainside, each step brings you closer to the untamed beauty that awaits. Towering trees sway in the breeze, their leaves rustling like a chorus of whispers, while babbling brooks cascade down moss-covered rocks, their laughter echoing through the quietude. Take a trip on the board walk and side step off to visit the ruins of the last family to live a simple life in the mountains. 
For the intrepid explorer, the Slieve Bloom Mountains offer a myriad of adventures.Hike to the summit of Arderin, the highest peak in the range, and drink in the breathtaking views. Or, delve into the hidden depths of ancient woodlands, where ancient oaks stand sentinel amidst a tapestry of ferns and lichens. 
Distance:     Front door
By Car:        Not required
Walking:     2-Hour circular tour
The Rock of Dunamase
Perched high on a rocky outcrop, the Rock of Dunamase offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Discover the ruins of this ancient fortress and learn about its rich history, which dates back over a thousand years. The site is perfect for a leisurely walk and a picnic.
Distance: 14km
By Car: 20-Minutes
Walking: 2-Hours
Tullamore D.E.W. Visitor Centre (Offaly)
Embark on a whiskey-themed excursion to Tullamore in County Offaly to visit the Tullamore D.E.W. Visitor Centre. Learn about the history and craftsmanship behind Ireland's beloved whiskey brand through interactive exhibits and guided tours. Enjoy tastings of Tullamore D.E.W.'s finest blends and discover what makes Irish whiskey truly special.
Distance: 14-miles
By Car: 20-Minutes
Tour Time: 2-Hour
Charleville Castle-Tullamore (Offaly)
Nestled in the heart of Tullamore, Charleville Castle stands as a magnificent testament to Ireland's rich history and architectural grandeur. Step into a world where tales of ancient nobility and mystical charm converge. With its captivating Gothic architecture, lush surrounding gardens and tales of ghosts whispering through its halls, Charleville Castle promises an unforgettable journey through time. Embrace the allure of adventure and uncover the secrets hidden within its walls.
Distance: 26km
By Car: 25-Minutes
Tour Time: 2-Hour
Boora Bog in Tullamore (Offaly)
Discover the enchanting beauty of Boora Bog in Tullamore, where nature's artistry takes centre stage. Immerse yourself in captivating landscapes, vibrant wildflowers and ancient peatlands which whisper tales of centuries past. Wander along meandering boardwalks, and biodiversity. From rare bird sightings to reflective lakes, Boora Bog offers a sanctuary for both the adventurous spirit and the seeker of serenity. 
Distance: 40km
By Car: 35-Minutes
Walking: 2-Hour circular tour
Donaghmore Workhouse & Agricultural Museum
Step back in time with a visit to Donaghmore Workhouse, a restored Victorian-era workhouse that offers insight into Ireland's social history. Explore the exhibits detailing the harsh realities of the unfortunate residents.
Distance: 38km
By Car: 35-minutes
Walking: 2-Hours
Kilbeggan Distillery Experience (Kilbeggan-Offaly)
Visit to Kilbeggan Distillery in County Westmeath, one of the oldest licensed distilleries in the world. Take a guided tour to learn about the traditional methods of whiskey production and explore the historic distillery buildings. Finish off with a tasting session of Kilbeggan's premium spirits.
Distance:            35Km 
By Car:               30-Minutes  
Tour Time:         2-Hour 
National Stud & Japanese Gardens (Kildare)
Visit the National Stud and Japanese Gardens in Kildare for a day of tranquillity and beauty. Explore the world-renowned stud farm, home to some of Ireland's finest thoroughbred horses, and stroll through the serene Japanese Gardens, designed to promote harmony and relaxation.
Distance: 35Km 
By Car: 30-Minutes 
Tour Time: 4-Hours  
Guinness Storehouse (Dublin)
Head to Dublin to experience the iconic Guinness Storehouse, where you can learn about the history and brewing process of Ireland's most famous beer. Enjoy panoramic views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar as you savour a complimentary pint of Guinness.
Distance: 50Km / 50-Minutes by Train 
By Car: 1-Hour  
Tour Time: 3-4-Hours including pint of Guiness
Kilmainham Gaol (Dublin)
Delve into Ireland's turbulent past with a visit to Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. Explore this historic prison, which played a significant role in Irish history, housing many political prisoners during the struggle for independence. Guided tours offer insight into the harsh conditions and the stories of the inmates.
Distance: 50 Miles / 50-Minutes by Train 
By Car: 1-Hour  
Tour Time: 2-Hours 
National Museum of Ireland – Collins Barracks (Dublin)
Explore Ireland's rich archaeological heritage at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. Delve into the museum's extensive collections, which include artifacts ranging from prehistoric times to the medieval period. Highlights include the Ardagh Chalice, the Tara Brooch, and the famous bog bodies. Gain insights into Ireland's ancient past and cultural traditions through fascinating exhibits and interactive displays.
Distance: 50 Miles / 50-Minutes by Train
By Car: 1-Hour 
Tour Time: 4-Hour circular tour 
Birr Castle 
Voted in the top ten attractions in Ireland in 2022 & 2023 is the Georgian era Birr Castle, which is immersed in 18th and 19th century character. 
Birr Castle Demesne is set in the heritage town of Birr on 120 acres of parklands and gardens, this demesne boasts a rare collection of over 5000 species of trees and plants, an array of wildlife, and peaceful walks along rivers, waterfalls, and lake. Choice of trails and an array of events hosted throughout the year
Birr Castle From with tree lined avenues around formal and well-planned gardens. Birr Castle Demesne and Historic Science Centre is one of Ireland’s Top Attractions.
Birr Castle is approximiately 45kM (45Min Drive) from the Forum-Mountmelick.

Pre-Planned Day Trips

For those who want a pre-planned day trip, we outline a number of trips that can be mixed to suit your own personal preferences and make your stay with the Forum-Mountmellick as enjoyable as possible.  Based on local experience we can suggest some day trips as follows.



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