The Glenbarrow Eco walk is a novel walk that has been developed in association with local communities and its aim is to inform people about the environment while enjoying their walk.

The Eco walk consists of 10 stops which are identified by sequential numbers.

Stop 1: In theGlenbarrow bed of the River Barrow – the Old Red Sandstone and the end of the Ice Age
Stop 2: Waterfalls on the Barrow
Stop 3: Bridge Across the Barrow Gorge
Stop 4: The Glenbarrow Homestead
Stop 5: The Ridge of Capard
Stop 6: Wild fruit and butterflies
Stop 7: Capard Wood
Stop 8: The Quarry: a window into a vanished world
Stop 9: Offaly’s Volcano: the view to Croghan Hill
Stop 10: Birchwood

The description of each stop is available to download from

Directions to Trailhead:
The Glenbarrow Eco walk starts in the car park and follows the same path as the other walks along the river. The walk heads up the valley at the last footbridge onto the ridge of Capard passing the Metal Man. The Ridge of Capard offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and is well worth a visit. As well as this the stops along the way are very informative on environmental and cultural/historic matters.